AquaDam® Flood Control

AquaDam® is a fast and inexpensive way to hold back floodwaters. AquaDams deploy rapidly with a small crew and are inexpensive to clean up.


    • Flood control dams can be made very quickly
    • Uses the available water to hold back floods
    • Deploy quickly with two people and a pump
    • Cheaper than sandbags to install and remove
    • Can be cleaned and reused


    • Special size 3 ft (0.9 m) high to hold back 28" (0.7m) of water
    • Used to protect property from floodwaters
    • Can be used as a line along the edge of the river or flood source
    • Can use for individual perimeters around high-value properties
    • To provide additional freeboard on existing dikes
    • Can be used to keep access roads open during floods
    AquaDam® Flood Control Specifications

Product Description

AquaDam® uses available flood waters to create an impermeable barrier to protect against flooding. AquaDam® tubes are 10 times faster to install than sandbags dikes and take far fewer people. This allows emergency response officials to concentrate volunteers on high visibility areas while using AquaDams to protect large areas from flooding. AquaDams are typically 25% cheaper than the cost of a similar sandbag dike. AquaDams are also inexpensive to remove and the dams can be drained and stored for reuse. The AquaDam® flood control dam is 3 ft (0.9m) high and can hold back 28" (0.7m) of flood water. It is estimated that 75% of flood damage is caused by less than 12" (300 mm) of water making AquaDam® flood control dams an effective tool for your emergency response team. For best results, an accurate prediction of the flood crest should be available.

View our install video and see how fast and easy it is to set up AquaDam®:

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