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Lakeside CA
Full Time

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The Production Supervisor is responsible for day-to-day supervision and performance of plant staff to estimated targets, Quality of fabricated product and associated records, safety of staff, payroll for staff, management of equipment and needs for production, coordination of material flows and records of use, cleanliness of fabrication floor.  Develops, directs, manages, trains, and motivates employees by communicating job expectations, appraising job results, coaching Lead/Foreman & Technicians through the observation forms, counseling, and feedback.

  • Apply Operational Excellence principles to drive efficiency and reduce waste on the shop floor
  • Daily shift planning meetings and safety discussions (toolbox talk) and record discussion, yearly safety training needs (forklift, CPR, etc.)
  • Ensures accurate cross-shift communication and cooperation between shifts
  • Ensure technicians are meeting fabrication estimates and required utilizations as well as take corrective action if sees variance
  • Review of quality requirements, record keeping, communication to technicians
  • Review Estimate/Drawing/Work orders and other paperwork at completion of job
  • Daily QC inspections on all items being produced (first article, custom items and records) to ensure compliance with the customer requirements
  • Upkeep and population of records for quotes, estimates and work orders within fabrication directory
  • Review and maximize production rates for products, calculation and conversion rates to associated work teams for hourly production rates
  • On floor management of production methods, remedy and removal of production issues
  • Assist in the development and implementation of testing and inspection standards, and SOP’s
  • Preplanning and setup of production equipment, maintenance and check for performance
  • Tech training and record keeping, vacation management, performance management
  • Plan staffing levels to meet demand, recruiting and building the team
  • Planning and management of sales/service work through fabrication
  • Maintain Production Schedule and delegates task to all personnel

Why Layfield?

We support our employees in their quest for personal growth. Qualityexcellence, and continuous improvement form the foundation of our relationship with our customers and are integral elements of Layfield’s products and services.

In addition, we have a strong company culture, rooted in family values, commitment, and high ethical standards.

Some of the vast rewards of working with us:

  • Be a part of a fantastic team with extraordinary company culture all while protecting our communities, environment and building a greener world.
  • Career advancement opportunities. We want you to grow with us!
  • Committed to using and maintaining the best safety practices with the highest standards.
  • Comprehensive Benefits Package (including medical, dental, vision, disability insurance, life insurance etc.).
  • Employee Assistance Program.
  • Vacation benefits.

Pay: $33.65 – $38.46 per hour

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