Layfield Geosynthetics & SKAPS Industries Announce the Release of GeoVolt™, a Revolutionary Patented Conductive Geocomposite.

September 20, 2021

Layfield Geosynthetics and SKAPS Industries are pleased to announce the release of GeoVolt, a revolutionary patented conductive geocomposite that makes electric leak locatioGeoVolt-Logo_TM.jpgn simpler and more efficient with almost any type of geomembrane.  GeoVolt is delivered in rolls and placed directly under the geomembrane to provide a consistent conductive layer for testing.  The product consists of a conductive film needle-punched into a nonwoven geotextile and can be provided in a variety of thicknesses and weights depending on the application.  This format allows the nonwoven layer to provide the dual duty of a cushion layer beneath the geomembrane.

Layfield and SKAPS have a long history of delivering excellence to the Geosynthetics industry.  The development of GeoVolt is one more example of the strong partnership formed between our organizations.  We are both committed to providing the highest quality and most innovative products that are used to protect our world’s most critical containment infrastructure.

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