The right Geomembrane for Water Containment

June 24, 2011

Water containment is one the largest applications in North America for geomembranes. It encompasses many sectors including government, agricultural and the resource sector.

Common applications in these sectors include containment of potable water, wastewater treatment as well as freshwater and reclaimed water storage and protection.

When selecting a suitable geomembrane for water containment a number of important geomembrane performance characteristics should be considered. These include choosing a geomembrane that is certified potable water compliant and has long term UV stability and long term resistance to chlorines and other chemical disinfectants used for potable water and wastewater treatment. Other Important physical performance properties of the geomembrane include good flexibility, high elongation as well as high yield, puncture resistance, and good cold temperature properties.

Layfield’s Enviro Liner 6000HD meets all of these requirements. Enviro Liner 6000HD is one of a select group of geomembranes that are NSF 61 certified and designed to be used in intimate contact with drinking water. It also has AU/NZ 4020 certification for the Asia Pacific markets. Enviro Liner 6000HD is produced from prime grade polyolefin resins with a technically advanced ultra violet and anti oxidident (UV/AO) protection package. As a result Enviro Liner 6000HD is available with an industry leading 25 year exposed weathering warranty and has excellent long term resistance to chlorines and other disinfectants.

Enviro Liner 6000HD is also a highly durable product with high elongation, excellent cold temperature properties and impressive truncated cone puncture strengths. It is available with a white surface layer which can help to reduce thermal expansion and contraction of the sheet resulting in fewer wrinkles. In addition to being used as geomembrane in exposed containment applications, Enviro Liner 6000HD makes an excellent choice as a floating cover for evaporation control, odor control and biogas containment. In prefabricated tank liner applications it is commonly used for rain water harvesting, reclaimed water storage and frac water containment applications.

When contemplating your next potable water or water treatment containment application, please contact Layfield for further information and a copy of our Enviro Liner 6000HD Technical Specification Booklet.