Geotube® Container Dewatering and Desludging

LOCATION: Fort Saskatchewan, AB  PRODUCT: Geotube® Containers, AquaDam® PROJECT PARTNERS: Large Oil and Gas Conglomerate in Western Canada Material Supplier:  Layfield

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A large oil and gas conglomerate in Western Canada were facing challenges with their water intake system due to the large volume of sludge and vegetation growth in and around their water intake pond. The client analyzed several mitigation technologies/scenarios to dewater and desludge the pond. Layfield was hired for the sludge analysis and to provide a suitable solution to desludge, dewater and clean the pond bottom, which had accumulated close to 2500 m3 of sludge. Layfield proposed Geotube® dewatering and the use of AquaDams for creating small sections within the pond. Dewatering with Geotube® technology is a three-step process: 1. The Geotube® container is filled with dredged sludge, the container’s unique fabric confines the fine grains of the material. 2. In the dewatering phase, excess water drains from the Geotube® container. The decanted water is often of a quality that can be reused or returned for processing or to native waterways without additional treatment. In the final phase, consolidation, the solids continue to densify due to desiccation as residual water vapor escapes through the fabric. The decanted water from Geotube® was used to clean the bottom of the pond.