Introducing VaporFlex® Premium

January 8, 2019

Introducing VaporFlex® Premium – An unrivaled 7-layer coextruded geomembrane with an EVOH core layer, designed for use as a high-performance gas barrier.

Edmonton, Alberta – December 12, 2018VaporFlex-Logo.png

Layfield Geosynthetics, a leader in geomembranes and specialty geosynthetics, is proud to announce the launch of our VaporFlex® Premium geomembrane.

VaporFlex® Premium is a 7-layer co-extruded geomembrane barrier with an Ethylene Vinyl Alcohol (EVOH) core layer. This high-performance geomembrane is specifically designed to provide an ultra-low permeability gas barrier in a broad range of geo-environmental applications. As an example, when compared to HDPE, the VaporFlex® Premium was tested to be 800 times less permeable to Methane. We have tested this material to a wide range of other VOC’s including Benzene, Toluene, and Xylene, and a suite of chlorinated solvents with equally favorable results. In addition to its gas barrier properties, this material is resistant to hydrocarbons, oils, and other organic compounds. This geomembrane is currently manufactured in 30, 40, and 60 mil thicknesses.

VaporFlex® Premium is designed to provide containment for a broad range of applications. These include gas barriers, containment, remediation of contaminated soil, brownfield barriers, odor control covers, landfill capping, geofoam wrap, and leachate collection ponds. Please visit for more information and specifications.

About Layfield: The Layfield Group is the only integrated organization that provides tailored polymer-based solutions that are proven to protect our families, communities and the environment. Organized within a matrix management construct, we strategically invest in two complementary business units; Geosynthetics and Flexible Packaging, each with their specialized market segments.