Biogas Collection Floating Cover

Layfield provides several cover styles for biogas collection and use. Our REVOC Biogas covers are designed to cover wastewater or manure ponds and collect the biogas for further use. The biogas can be used to generate heat, electricity, or flared for odor control or carbon credits. Layfield provided the cover for the first biogas to utility project in California, where biogas is cleaned as sold as natural gas to the local utility.

REVOC Biogas covers are built in two main designs. For large ponds, we use an HDPE cover construction that uses separate weights to maintain tension in the cover. For smaller ponds, we have a prefabricated design that uses liquid- filled weights for tension. These two designs allow us to cover any pond type and effectively collect the biogas. We also offer tank covers and can integrate our REVOC Insulated cover into a biogas system to control the temperatures of an anaerobic system.