Snow Removal Tarps

Snow Removal Tarps are designed to lift and remove freshly fallen snow from construction jobsites. 


    • Quick & efficient in clearing snow
    • Reusable, easy to deploy and easy to store
    • Heavy duty webbing reinforcements along the tarp


    • Winter construction job sites
    • Lift & remove freshly fallen snow on job sites
    • Cover job site materials & equipment
    • Cover rebar during concrete pouring stages
    Snow Removal Tarps Specifications

Snow Removal Tarps are used during winter to clear the job site from snowfall quickly. 

The tarps are laid out in a grid the day or evening before the forecasted snow. They are picked up with an overhead crane or lift after falling snow. Snow Removal Tarps allow contractors to clear job sites quicker and allow production to move forward. No plowing or shovelling is required, saving valuable time. 

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