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Energy from packaging waste

Bioflex® films and bags are Layfield's responsible end-of-life packaging solution. This product was designed to have the package safely return to the environment where it typically ends its life within the traditional waste streams. The energy from your package will be harnessed and converted into clean, renewable, sustainable energy within today's modern landfill environments.

Did you know?

Most modern landfills are equipped to capture the Land Fill Gas (LFG) produced by the BioFlex® package and converted into renewable and sustainable energy. In the U.S. there are currently 654 modern landfills projects (, and in Canada, there are 64 projects ( Today, over 80% of plastics, once disposed of end up at facilities designed for waste to energy conversion. BioFlex® is the perfect solution for utilizing today's readily available energy conversion infrastructures in almost all the metropolitan cities in North America. The convenient and effortless disposal method makes BioFlex® one of the most responsible and sustainable choice for packaging any products in plastic.

*For 1,000 pounds of discarded BioFlex® packages, you could power a home for two years or fuel a car for a year. 


How does Bioflex® work?

Diagram of sustainable flexible food packaging biodegradable stand up pouchBioflex® maintains package integrity and will not change the barriers or physical properties of the package. Food manufacturers and processors do not require any special equipment or need to make any adjustments to the packaging process. Bioflex® is shelf stable and will not break down from oxygen or UV rays. Consumers do not have to change their behavior or adjust the way they discard packaging.

The energy generation facility recycles BioFlex® into renewable energy, just simply discard the used package into the waste bin. It's that easy!  


Why choose BioFlex®?

Companies use Layfield's BioFlex® products to make people's lives easier and more environmentally-friendly. Organizations can reach their corporate social responsible goals faster and satisfy the growing consumers' demand for eco-friendly packaging. From a packaging, life-cycle assessment perspective, BioFlex® will present a more sustainable, conscientious and responsible alternative when compared to conventional packaging materials. We can provide ASTM validation and testing including information on bio-methane potential.

BioFlex's Benefits and Highlights

  • Food safe / FDA compliant
  • Performs the same as conventional plastic laminated materials, both physical and mechanical properties
  • Manufacturing equipment modifications are not required
  • No need to change consumers' habits
  • Designed to increase biogas in a landfill within its useful life cycle
  • Designed to convert into energy within a modern landfill environment
  • The renewable green energy can be used to power homes in communities, provide heat and light for homes, and fuel vehicles on the road
  • ASTM verifiable (D5526 & D5511) & Bio-Methane Potential (BMP) validation 
    Environmental Benefits of Landfill Gas

Environmental Benefits of Landfill Gas

Landfill gas reduces greenhouse gasses produced by fossil fuels including natural gas, coal, diesel, and other fuel oil. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) estimated for 2012 that landfill gas recovery projects had an environmental benefit equivalent to:

  • 21 million acres of pine or fir forests
  • emissions from 238 million barrels of oil consumed
  • annual greenhouse gas emissions from 20 million passenger vehicles
  • generates renewable energy 24hrs/day, seven days a week and is not dependent on weather conditions
  • supplies more renewable energy than solar power
  • has an online reliability of greater than 90 percent.
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