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Packaging Film Structures

Layfield Packaging Film Structures

Learn about the features, benefits, characteristics and applications of film structures used in packaging.

Designing the perfect film for your product requires some knowledge of polymer structures and technical details but don't worry, Layfield can help create the perfect film structure for your brand. Today, many companies take advantage of the efficient and convenience of stand-up pouches and other flexible packaging. At Layfield Flexible Films, we specialize in finding the perfect solution for your packaging needs. Our technical experts include chemical and process engineers who work with you to develop your unique film and packaging structure. Using custom structures can maximize your product’s shelf life and optimize machine compatibility to perform on fast-paced equipment while withstanding incredible pressures. 

Some of the common film structures used in flexible packaging include Polyester (PET), Polypropylene, High Density Polythene (HDPE), Polyamide (PA), and Low Density Polythlene to name a few. Depending on your application, films used for extending a product's shelf-life can have high barrier protection against oxygen, light, gases and moisture. Layfield’s packaging structures feature a variety of different barrier properties, including high-barrier films that are ideal for products such as foods and medical products, that undergo oxidation or rancidity. Standard-barrier structures work great with frozen applications and industrial products. Custom structures can be made to enhanced other characteristics such as breathability, sealability, and printing. Our packaging films come in a variety of gauges from co-extruded and laminated structures. 
Enjoy this video guide to film structures meant to teach you the basics of film structures. Watch it to increase your knowledge about polymer properties used in flexible packaging!

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