Georunner® Flow Protection System

The GEORUNNER® Mats protect areas subjected to concentrated flows from scour and surface erosion.


    • Open mesh design allows sunlight and water to permeate.
    • Light-weight
    • Easily transported between project sites


    • Stormwater Channels & Containment Ponds
    • Swales & Drainage Ditches
    • Parking Lot Runoff Areas
    • Culvert Outfall Protection
    • Shoreline Protection
    • Spillways / Down Chutes / Drop Structures
    Georunner® Flow Protection System Specifications


GeoRunner® Flow Protection Mats are used to protect against scour caused by surface flow, turbulent GEORUNNER® FLOW PROTECTION MATS are an economical solution for protecting soils from scour in erosive environments. GEORUNNER® mats protect soils from erosion and vegetation loss in areas with intermittent or concentrated flows, and when embankments are exposed to fluctuating water 
levels. They offer resistance to shear stresses, and protect more efficiently than typical vegetation or rip rap systems.

GEORUNNER® mats are stabilized with a strong anchor system designed to resist pullout caused by high-flow lifting forces, even in saturated soils. The mat’s open mesh design allows dense and stabilizing vegetation growth. End-to-end and side-to-side corrections create a completely integrated and secure mat system. Fully anchored units can be driven on by mowing or other lawn maintenance equipment.

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