VMax® High-Performance TRMs (HPTRMs)

VMax® High-Performance Turf Reinforcement Mats (HPTRM) provide effective erosion and vegetation reinforcement for high flow channels, steep slopes and shorelines.


    • Alternative to hard armor systems in extreme erosion control applications
    • Increased bearing capacity of vegetated soils subjected to heavy loads
    • 100% UV Stabilized
    • Available in a green/black or tan/black coloring


    • Steepened slopes
    • Stormwater channels
    • Vegetated channels & waterways.
    • Detention ponds
    • Landfill erosion control
    VMax® High-Performance TRMs (HPTRMs) Specifications

Product Description

VMax® High-Performance TRMs (HPTRMs) utilize woven 3-D structures that are soil-filled for use inNorth-American-Green-Logo-2c.png areas experiencing high stress and strain. The VMax® HPTRMs are designed to provide appropriate thickness and open area for effective erosion and vegetation reinforcement against high flow induced shear forces up to 16psf (0.77 kN/m2 ), and with one of the highest tensile strengths on the market up to 4,400 lbs/ft (64 kN/m) our HPTRMs are excellent for increased bearing capacity of vegetated soils subjected to heavy loads from maintenance equipment and other vehicular traffic.

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