REVOC® Tensioned Covers

REVOC® Tensioned Floating Covers use perimeter tensioning to eliminate sumps, which lowers maintenance and cleaning costs.


    • REVOC tensioned is one of the most reliable cover systems
    • Can walk on the cover for cleaning and maintenance
    • Main panel of the cover is flat and easily cleaned
    • Tensioners are reusable for cover replacement
    • Sheds rainwater readily, less subject to damage by ice


    • Best choice for a potable water reservoir cover
    • Use when periodic cleaning is a requirement
    • Can be used with vertical walls and in tanks
    • Use when ice could be a problem
    REVOC® Tensioned Covers Specifications

Product Description

REVOC® Tensioned Covers use cables attached to tensioners to control slack as the cover moves up and down. This eliminates sumps on the cover surface, making cleaning and maintenance much more manageable. The tension from the cables permits people to walk on the cover for periodic maintenance safely. The flat surface of the cover allows precipitation to drain more easily and resists damage from ice. The REVOC® Tensioned Cover system is ideal for covering drinking water, preventing contamination, evaporation, and the loss of chlorine disinfectant. REVOC® Tensioned Covers can also be used for wastewater where they prevent algae blooms, reduce odor, and prevent rainwater dilution. Layfield can assist you in all aspects of your reservoir floating cover, including design, construction, cleaning, disinfection, and maintenance services. Layfield's REVOC® Tensioned Cover designs, installation techniques, and maintenance protocols fully meet the requirements of AWWA M25 Lining and Floating Cover Guidelines.

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