Enviro Liner 4000® - Geomembrane

Enviro Liner 4000 is Layfield's line of LLDPE flexible geomembranes.


    • LLDPE material for flexible geomembrane applications
    • Can be prefabricated into large panels in our shop
    • Good resistance to settlement
    • Available in textured versions


    • Originally designed as a flexible cap for landfills
    • Ideally suited to small, exposed ponds
    • Backfilled water ponds, run-off collection ponds, channels, etc.
    • Good permanent lining material for any backfilled application
    Enviro Liner 4000® - Geomembrane Specifications

Product Description

Layfield's Enviro Liner 4000® geomembrane is a specialized LLDPE polyethylene lining material that combines flexibility, UV stability, and chemical resistance. The Enviro Liner 4000® geomembrane was originally designed as a flexible cap material for landfills. Its excellent flexibility allows it to accommodate differential settlement that is often seen in landfill cap applications. This flexibility also allows it to be prefabricated in thicknesses up to 40 mil (1.0 mm) so that many jobs can be lined using a one-piece liner. Enviro Liner 4000® follows the GRI-GM17 specification for LLDPE geomembranes. If you plan to leave the liner exposed, then the Enviro Liner® 6000HD  might be of interest as it has superior UV resistance.

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