Polypropylene (S)

Supported Polypropylene styles have excellent cold temperature flexibility, long term UV resistance, and substantial tensile strength.


    • A durable, UV stable, exposed lining material
    • Can be fabricated into large single panels
    • Has outstanding cold temperature flexibility


    • Water containment linings
    • Water containment covers
    • Exposed caps
    Polypropylene (S) Specifications

Product Description

Layfield's supported styles of Polypropylene [PP (S)] combine the unique attributes of the PP polymer formulation with the mechanical strength of a 250 lb polyester scrim. PP (S) brings together two soft, supple PP films laminated onto a reinforcing scrim layer. The resulting geomembrane is strong enough to hang vertically in the form of a baffle curtain or tank liner, and durable enough to leave exposed to the elements for many years. PP(S) is UV stabilized with 2 to 3% carbon black included in the formulation.  This polymer is resistant to surfactants, which can cause environmental stress cracking in HDPE. PP (S) maintains it's flexibility at low temperatures, making severe winter installations or service conditions an easy application to resolve.

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