Tensar® BXSQ Series Biaxial Geogrid (PP)

Polypropylene geogrids are used for applications where biaxial strength is required.


    • Reinforces base and subbase Granular materials
    • Can reduce the aggregate thickness
    • UV stable formulation
    • True Balanced properties in both directions


    • Base reinforcement
    • Road construction
    • Subgrade Stabilization
    Tensar® BXSQ Series Biaxial Geogrid (PP) Specifications

Product Description

Biaxial polypropylene geogrids are used in base reinforcement applications such as roads, storage yards, parking lots and any other load-bearing structures. Biaxial polypropylene geogrids provide excellent tensile strength in both principle directions.

The reinforcing action of Tensar BXSQ Geogrid product lies mainly in increasing the shearing resistance within a soil by the process of interlocking between the square ribs and the soil. The load dispersal effect from the interlocking mechanism is highly effective and can reduce sub-base thickness and construction costs. Tensar BXSQ Biaxial Geogrid distributes wheel loading and disperses stress more effectively, leading to the reduction in differential settlement and improved foundation bearing capacity.

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