Decorative Pond c/w CSPE Liner

LOCATION: Seattle, Washington TIMEFRAME: Spring 2006 SCOPE OF WORK: Design & Install of 45 mil CSPE Liner PROJECT PARTNERS: Owner: University of Washington

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Date: May 2006

Materials Used:

42,000 SF of 45 Mil CSPE geomembrane liner with a 12 oz non-woven geotextile cushion. Aluminum ladders, stainless steel safety grab cables and double sealed mechanical anchor boots for piping supports.

Special Features:

Membrane color to match existing features, fabricated mechanical supports for sealing of existing pipe support systems. A bridging bar was installed along the exterior wall base.

U of W Drumheller Fountain.pdf (1,001 KB)

Drumheller Fountain was constructed in 1909 for the Alaska Yukon Pacific Exposition. Due to the age of the concrete pond substantial water loss was occurring and the university needed a cost effective long term alternative to replacing the pond structure.

Layfield designed and installed a 45 mil CSPE liner with a 12 oz non-woven geotextile cushion under the liner on the floor and walls. The design included safety provisions for a grab handle around the exterior wall and new access ladders. The design had to fit with the current piping system for the fountain.