Earth Retention – Presto Geoweb®

LOCATION:  Mississauga, Ontario TIMEFRAME: 2013-2015 SCOPE OF WORK: Supply of Presto Geosystems Geogrid Reinforced Geoweb® Earth Retention System  32,000pcs of Presto Geoweb® GW30V6 Wall Sections  12,000m2 face PROJECT PARTNERS:  Owner, City of Mississauga, Go Transit Distributor – Atlantic Industries  Supply - Layfield Canada Ltd & Presto Geosystems

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Background Information and Challenge

The City of Mississauga & Go Transit investing in public transit to help relieve traffic congestion and move riders more efficiently across Mississauga.  A 249 million dollar investment from the Federal, Provincial, City to fund the Bus Rapid Transit System "BRT".

BRT is a dedicated 2 way bus transit route to be shared exclusively by Go Transit and Mississauga Transit .Transit corridor low impact development design, include natural features, utilize on site materials and incorporate features like vegetated walls to create a more natural environment



Presto Geoweb® Reinforced Earth Retention System was specified to reinforce the corridor walls

• The Geoweb® system is a tiered wall structure designed with an open fascia to allow for vegetation to grow on facing

• Natural environment with sustainable vegetation while reducing burden on municipal storm water treatment

• Wall heights range from 3metre to 8metre

• 32,000pcs of Geoweb® Green Wall Sections

• 12,000m2 of face area

• PET Uniaxial Geogrid Reinforcement


Presto Geoweb® Earth Retention System supplied by Layfield

• After a slight learning curve by the contractor they were able to install it with ease

• Additional hydro seed applications and vegetation species were required to establish vegetation