Otay Water District CSPE Floating Cover

LOCATION: Spring Valley, California  PRODUCT: Tensioned Cable Cover Design MATERIAL SUPPLIER AND INSTALLER: Layfield Geosynthetics

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  • Otay Water District, Spring Valley, California
  • Upper Reservoir
  • 139 Million Liters (36,700,000 gallon) Capacity
  • Potable Water Storage
  • 30-Year-Old CSPE Liner & Cover replacement

The Otay Water District project required the replacement of the existing CSPE liner and cover installed in 1988 (30 years old) to allow for upgrades to the mechanical and piping systems.  Initially, the tensioned cable system was chosen based on the lower overall maintenance cost. Tensioned cable systems are designed with weights and pulleys using steel cable connections around the perimeter to provide the floating cover's tension and buoyancy requirements. The tensioning towers are low maintenance and can typically be reused at the time of cover replacement.
After inspection of the existing 30-year-old CSPE cover, it was determined that the material was still in good condition and could have remained functional for a few more years. The cover's longevity was positively associated with the initial selection of CSPE material and regular biennial maintenance and cleaning of the cover system.     
Otay Water provides services for the water and sewer needs of customers residing in several southern communities in San Diego Country up to the border of Mexico.  This region has a very hot arid climate with summer average temperatures ranging from 70⁰F to 110⁰F (20C to 43C).  San Diego County is known for a very high to extreme UV index through most months of the year.

CSPE (formerly Hypalon®) as a geomembrane was first developed in the mid-1970s. Over its 45-year product history, CSPE has proved to be an excellent material choice for long-term exposed applications. The geomembrane industry has seen several products introduced and promoted for potable water floating covers; however, no other material has consistently demonstrated the successful long-term performance when compared with CSPE. CSPE is one of the few materials where its performance has truly passed the test of time. Its industry-leading 30-year weathering warranty proves this.

Floating covers are designed to protect water by eliminating evaporation and preventing dirt and debris from contaminating the water source. Floating covers are one of the most economical ways of storing and treating large volumes of water.