Secondary Containment Bitumen Tank Pads - Enbridge

LOCATION: Edmonton, Canada DATE OF INSTALLATION: 2014 SCOPE OF WORK: Supply and Install 100,00 m2 EnviroLiner 6040HD, 50,000 m2 Geocomposite 5-2-8, 100,000 m2 Non-Woven Geotextile PROJECT OWNER: Enbridge

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Project Background and Challenges

To increase the storage capacity at their Edmonton South Terminal in Strathcona County, Enbridge embarked on constructing additional tanks. The project included construction of five tanks, each with a maximum usable capacity ranging from 315,000 barrels to 550,000 barrels.

The tank pads were to be lined with secondary containment liners and were required to meet the Alberta Fire Code and the CCME guideline: Environmental Code of Practice for Aboveground and Underground Storage Tank Systems Containing Petroleum and Allied Petroleum Products.

The liner was installed at the tank floor foundation, tank ring foundation, around the ring road surrounding the tank, and at the tank floor sump area. A leak detection system was proposed to monitor and remove leaks.

The liner needed to be resistant to cold temperatures as the installation was carried out during the fall and winter of 2013-14.


Layfield proposed our Enviro Liner 6000HD series, which has been extensively tested against chemicals, including petroleum based products. The Enviro Liner geomembrane exhibits permeability to ASTM Fuel C using ASTM E 96 or ASTM D 814 as low as 10 grams/m2/hr. The ASTM Fuel C closely simulates gasoline fuel.

Enviro Liner 6000HD series was chosen over HDPE due to its flexibility, as a large amount of detail work attaching the liner to the intermediate and perimeter walls will be required. All attachments to walls and other support structures are to commence in the second phase of the project.

A geocomposite leak detection layer was considered for use between the primary and secondary geomembranes. The tank floor foundation was designed with a low point sump to capture and monitor leaks.

The liner was installed by Layfield’s field crew in very cold temperatures, and as such, the welding devices were adjusted to ensure that our crew was welding to the standard specifications for weld seam properties.


Layfield installed the liners as per the specifications and our crew was ahead of schedule. The liner was extended away from the tank foundation to be tied into the tank farm in the second phase of the project.

We consider ourselves secondary containment experts in North America and have designed and installed numerous secondary containment systems over the years.

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