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Layfield Enters Final Phase of Eagle Gold Project

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In 2019, Layfield began the final phase of a multiyear geosynthetics installation project with Victoria Gold Corp. The Eagle Gold project is located approximately 85km by road northeast of the Village of Mayo, Yukon.

This installation consisted of four separate project scopes, commencing in 2017 with a 24,730m2 Control Pond. The Control Pond was comprised of two separate layers; LP12 geotextile underlay and 60 mil Tex 2 LLDPE geomembrane. In 2018, Layfield installed a 62,000m2 In Heap Pond consisting of four layers. This system included NWL60 GCL, 60 mil Tex 2 LLDPE geomembrane, 350-2-6 Geocomposite, and 80 mil Tex-2 LLDPE geomembrane.

This year’s phase of the project included the installation of a four-layer 53,000m2 Event Pond and a two-layer 169,000m2 Heap Leach Pad. During this phase, our crew has installed more than 50 acres each of NWL60 GCL and 80 mil Tex 2 LLDPE geomembrane and close to 13 Acres each of 60 mil Tex 2 LLDPE geomembrane and 220-2-8 Geocomposite.

The crew has worked fastidiously on each phase while maintaining Layfield’s high level of safety standards and will finish up this year ahead of schedule. We extend our thanks to Victoria Gold Corp for trusting Layfield for their liner needs and look forward to working with them in the future.

If you’d like to learn more about the Victoria Gold Project (Eagle Gold) and view some of the Layfield liner projects in action, check out the Victoria Golf promotional video.  

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