Title: Medium Density Sheeting




  Nominal Gauge
Gauge Tolerance (+-%)
Yield (in2/lb)
1.43 mil
8 - 10
Property Typical Value (1) Unit Test Method
Haze 30.2 % ASTM D 1003
COF 0.28   ASTM D 1894
Dart Impact (F50) 59 Grams ASTM D 1709
Elmendorf MD Tear 40 Grams ASTM D 1922
TD Tear 1453 Grams  
MD Elongation 409 % ASTM D822
MD Break Energy 2.66 ft-lb. ASTM D822
TD Elongation 642 % ASTM D822
TD Break Energy 2.81 ft-lb. ASTM D822
  1. Typical values represent average laboratory values and are intended as guides only, not as specifications.
  2. Film properties are typical of blown film extruded at approximately a 2.5:1 blowup ratio.
  3. Properties designated have been determined in accordance with the current issues of the specified test methods.
A high slip film manufactured from polyethylene resin. This film provides excellent directional tear strength and good elongation. Manufactured from virgin polyethylene resins, this film can be engineered to fit other applications.