When you are raising cattle you need a manure management plan. Manure produces unpleasant odor but it also produces methane gas, which can be collected and used for other purposes.


Many agricultural applications waste unnecessary amounts of water every year. A proper seepage and evaporation control system prevents loss of water and money.


Tanks are not always the best solution for a water storage situation. That is why many professionals in the sector are turning to lined ponds and floating covers as an alternative.


Solutions for Manure and Wastewater Management

Enclosed animal feeding operations need a manure management plan. We offer several types of products to help you with this plan, including pond liners, pad liners and floating covers. Here are some of our products for manure and wastewater management.

Biogas Collection Covers

These covers collect biogas, which can be used to generate heat, electricity or flared for odor control or carbon credits. These covers have a unique weight system to stabilize against the wind, and they are speedy to install.

Odour Control Covers

These covers are primarily used for swine manure. They prevent the evaporation of volatile particles, effectively trapping all odor-causing chemicals inside. These covers can be opened for agitation and to pump water out.

Aquaguide Floating Baffles

Baffle curtains are used in wastewater treatment. They eliminate short-cutting in the treatment pond. This ensures that all water has had the required time for biological breakdown of the effluent.

Tank Covers

If you have an open-topped tank, these covers are economical. Instead of opting for an expensive, structural steel roof, you can use one of our tank covers. These covers accommodate level changes and can be removed or pulled back for an easy pump-out. They help control odors and evaporation.

Insulated Covers

Insulated covers are specifically designed to prevent heat loss and keep water temperatures at a constant level. They are mainly used to protect heat-sensitive bacteria or optimize biogas collection in combination with one of our biogas collection covers.

Geotube® Sludge Dewatering Tubes

Farmers and growers have benefited from Geotube® dewatering technology for water processing and effluent water lagoon, tank, and digester cleanouts. Geotube® sludge dewatering technology is one of the most versatile and effective sludge dewatering technologies available and can achieve volume reductions of up to 90%, with high solid levels that facilitate removal and disposal.


Solutions for Evaporation and Seepage Control

The prevention of evaporation and the control of seepage is key to running an efficient operation. Thousands of gallons of water are lost each year due to evaporation and seepage. Using the proper liner and cover system will save you time and money.

Evaporation Control Covers

Water resources are becoming more scarce every year, making it more important to protect and preserve the current supply. Evaporation is one of the significant causes of water loss in the agricultural sector. Our floating covers safeguard water supplies and are an inexpensive solution to store large agricultural and raw water volumes.

Irrigation and Canal Liners

There are three ways to control seepage in irrigation applications: a clay system, a concrete system, and a geomembrane liner. Clay systems only reduce the amount of seepage of irrigation water into the groundwater, and concrete systems are usually costly to implement. More and more professionals opt for geomembranes to waterproof irrigation canals. Layfield fabricates canal liners for short, mid, and long-term irrigation applications.

Solutions for Aquaculture

Geomembranes are commonly used to line ponds to raise fish or other aquatic species. The selection of a suitable geomembrane that will not harm the fish is crucial. Different species of fish can be sensitive to various aspects of a geomembrane. We can help you select the right geomembrane for the job.

Enviro Liner® 6000 Geomembrane

Enviro Liner® 6000 (EL 6000) is a flexible geomembrane liner designed for outstanding durability, chemical resistance and flexibility. EL 6000 has been thoroughly tested for fish safety and works well in most aquaculture applications.


EPDM is one of the most flexible liners available on the market today. With its excellent UV life and cold temperature performance, it is suited for most fish ponds and is usually chosen as an inexpensive alternative to polymer-based geomembranes liners.


Our Additional Services


Design and Installation Services

Layfield is a specialized geosynthetics contractor providing construction services across North America, with a focus on geomembranes and floating covers.  Layfield has achieved Approved Installation Contractor status through the International Association of Geosynthetics Installers. Layfield's installation crews are ready to tackle your critical environmental protection project.

Maintenance and Inspection Services

Layfield offers a complete line of inspection and maintenance services for liners, floating cover systems, and floating baffles. Timely inspection of the condition and operational effectiveness of a floating cover will allow you to maintain the performance of the containment system and extend its service life to the maximum extent possible. A professional Layfield inspection will allow a facility owner to budget for major maintenance items and the eventual replacement of the containment system when further maintenance is impractical.

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