The one thing readily available during a flooding is WATER.
Why not use that to keep flood waters out?

Meet Aqua Dam®:
The Best Solution for Flood Control

Aqua Dam® uses the available water of a flood to hold back the flood itself. Water controlling water! Aqua Dam® consists of a series of tubes that are filled up with water to create an impermeable barrier to protect against flooding. It's a solution for rapid response situations as it is about ten times faster to install than sandbag dikes.




Affordable Solution

Aqua Dam® is typically 25 to 50% more economical than a similar-sized sandbag solution and that’s only the material cost and does not account for significantly lower deployment, removal, and clean-up costs. Aqua Dams, unlike sandbags, can be reused and are easily stored after they are deflated.

Very Quick to Deploy

When a flood is approaching, time is of the essence. An Aqua Dam® is typically 10 times faster to install when compared to sandbag dikes. Aqua Dams require as little as two people to install. This allows for far bigger areas to be protected far more quickly.


Reliable Investment

As chain is only as strong as its weakest link. Similarly, a dam is only as strong as its weakest point. A Layfield Aqua Dam® is built by professionals in a controlled environment and can be reliably deployed. A sandbag wall built by exhausted volunteers cannot provide the same level of protection.

Ease of Installation and Usage

We know that when time is of the essence, you need a solution that is easy to deploy. We can train you on how to use the product and how to deploy it so that you are ready when the need arises.

The Most Convenient Product

You have a flood coming. What’s a resource you have plenty of? Water. That’s why our Aqua Dam® uses this very resource to hold back floodings. Rather than needing to transport sand and other materials to the location, we simply make use of what is already there.


Where a sandbag berm fails, Aqua Dam® prevails!

In the picture you can see just one of the many instances where Layfield had to intervene when a sandbag berm failed. Sandbags are not always the most efficient way to protect against flooding. They take a long time to install, need a lot of manpower and may not adequately protect your property. With Aqua Dam®, you are prepared for any flooding situation.


For Home Owners

When faced with a sudden flooding situation, there is simply no time or manpower available to quickly intervene. Sandbags are usually a non-efficient solution. In a matter of hours, a home owner can protect his/her property successfully with Aqua Dam®.

For Businesses

Our Aqua Dams have been deployed across a wide array of businesses in a wide array of scenarios. We deploy quickly and on budget and keep your property protected.

For Government and Municipalities

Aqua Dams are popular in regions that face a spring melt flood or flooding of a local river or lake. Aqua Dams are usually placed next to the banks of a river to protect hundreds of homes or to keep roads accessible to traffic.




Deployment of an Aqua Dam®

Aqua Dams use a source of already available water to fill an impermeable tube. The starting point of an Aqua Dam® needs to be higher than the highest anticipated fill level in the dam. This usually means starting the dam on a river bank, a small hill, a pile of sandbags, on a special Aqua Dam® Starter Dam, or on an Aqua Dam® crate. Layfield can provide service technicians to show you how to deploy flood control Aqua Dams. Contact Layfield for further information on service technician rates and availability.

Installation of an Aqua Dam®

One of the strengths of Aqua Dam® is the ability to connect more than one dam together. Aqua Dam® can be made into long lines or can be turned and run in any direction. The connection of two or more Aqua Dams is enabled by the use of a collar at the end of each dam. These patented collars allow the next dam to be drawn tightly to the first dam, making a solid connection. The collars couple the dams when they are being laid out in a line. There is technically no limit to the length of dams that can be connected end-to-end. In flood control, many kilometers (miles) can be joined together in a long line.

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