We Protect

At Layfield we do more than provide great products to our customers.  At Layfield we design and deliver customized solutions to protect Our Families, Our Communities, and Our Environment; We Protect!

Our Families

Layfield Flexible Film solutions provide industry leading Food and Medical packaging designed to keep our families safe and healthy. Complex, multi-layered materials are produced under tight quality, and within International Food Safety and Food and Drug Administration standards, to ensure maximum protection to food and medical products.  Our Layfield Environmental Containment group delivers heavily engineered containment systems to keep our drinking water safe and protected from contamination.


Our Communities

Both our Flexible Packaging and Construction Products groups provide solutions to protect our communities.  A range of vapour barrier solutions and flood control products protect our homes. Construction tarps systems, drainage control, and erosion control products protect our roads and construction sites, while patented Geogrids significantly reduce the carbon foot-print of remote road construction.


Our Environment

Layfield Environmental Containment provides custom engineered solutions specifically designed to protect our environment.  Our advanced geomembranes and geotextiles are deployed in waste water, mining, and oil & gas environment to protect our environment from accidental contamination. Our floating turbidity curtains and Aqua Dams are instrumental in protecting our rivers and streams from temporary construction activities and spills.