Press Release

Layfield Introduces Concept Tanks into the USA — Mega Scale Environmental Containment


San Diego, California – Layfield Geosynthetics USA is excited to introduce the Concept Tank™ by Concept Environmental Services (Concept) into the United States.  The “Concept Tank™” was initially designed in Australia and has been used extensively over the past 15 years. The Concept Tank offers the highest standard of fluid storage on a mega scale, with tanks ranging in capacity from 3 million to 26 million gallons (11.4 ML – 100 ML). It provides an engineered containment alternative to earth-excavated and lined ponds, pits, and reservoirs. It has been used extensively by the mining, oil & gas, waste, agriculture, and municipal water sectors to store produced and process water.  The Concept Tank™ provides numerous advantages, including being less carbon-intensive and more environmentally sustainable compared to earthen ponds. Concept Tanks are modular, relocatable, and require no concrete support foundation. It requires minimal site preparation and is available with a 25-year standard design life. The tanks are also available with a geomembrane floating cover option designed to eliminate evaporation losses and protect the liquids being stored from outside environmental contamination. The tank can be designed with a double-lined geomembrane system, including leak detection and monitoring. Please contact your closest Layfield location for further information on the Concept Tanks.

About Layfield: Layfield Geosynthetics is a leading North American manufacturer, fabricator, and installer of high-performance geomembranes, specialty geosynthetics, and environmental containment solutions. With a commitment to innovation and sustainable practices, Layfield delivers reliable solutions for a wide range of industries, including construction, mining, water and wastewater, agriculture, and oil and gas.

About Concept:  Concept Environmental Services is one of Australia’s leading providers of sustainable fluid solutions and renewable energy systems, offering environmentally sensitive solutions to the Energy & Resource, Water, and Renewable Energy sectors, specializing in remote, regional, and urban applications.