Meet On-Site Demands, Improve Environmental Performance, and Lower Costs

Geosynthetic use in mining applications will help you meet on-site demands while improving your environmental performance and lowering costs.

Layfield has a diverse line of products and services that are there for you in every phase of the mining cycle, providing you with solutions to handle the harshest of mining conditions while minimizing your impact on the environment.

Facilitate the development of durable containment barriers, vital access roads, and safe retaining structures, among many other benefits.

Mining Applications

Mine Development

Reinforce heavy haul access roads, and build site water and waste systems, storage ponds, and enclosures during construction.

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Mine Operations & Processing

Maintain ponds and containments, extend roads, dams, and waste containment facilities.

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Mine Closure & Reclamation

Soil remediation liners, waste rock pile capping solutions, stream and channel rehabilitation, and sludge control.

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