Protect and Preserve Water.

Floating covers are the most effective method for the long term containment and storage of large volumes of water. In potable water containment, floating covers protect water from contamination, offer complete evaporation control due to total surface coverage, and reduce the number of disinfectants used in water treatment. In wastewater applications, floating covers prevent algae growth, collect biogas for use as a renewable resource, and minimize odor emissions. Layfield’s floating cover systems employ proven leading technology designed to promote project longevity, offering an economical solution compared to traditional methods. With us, your floating covers outperform no matter the conditions.

Why install a floating cover system?

Promotes Evaporation Control

Floating covers offer complete evaporation control due to 100% surface coverage, preventing the dry ambient air from contacting the water.

Contamination Protection

Reduces chemical demand and improves water quality by preventing rainwater and debris from entering the pond.

Harvest Valuable Biogas

Biogas is a renewable energy source with zero net greenhouse emissions. You can capture biogas from anaerobic digestion with a cover system..

Additional Features

  • Controls evaporation and prevents water loss
  • Prevents rainwater and debris from entering the pond
  • Blocks sunlight preventing algae and duckweed blooms
  • Provides thermal insulation for more efficient treatment
  • Adapts to water level fluctuations
  • Prevents dilution of chemicals from excessive rainfall
  • Controls odors from wastewater and manure pond
  • Reduces methane output by preventing escape
  • Captures valuable biogas from anaerobic digestion
Floating Cover Solutions

Potable Water Covers

Long lasting and low maintenance covers to protect our most valuable resource. PW Covers reduce the need for disinfection chemicals by blocking the sun’s rays while protecting against evaporation and contamination from debris.

Algae Covers

Reduce or eliminate algae growth in your reservoir by blocking the sun’s rays from the water surface.

Insulated Covers

Increase temperatures while reducing energy costs with insulated floating covers on your digester ponds.

Gas Collection

Harvest and safely re-use the valuable resource that is created in a biogas generating lagoon environment.

Floating Covers In Action

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Floating Covers In News

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