Use Water to Control Water

AquaDam® efficiently protects your home, properties, and assets from flood damage. It is a unique, patented product designed to control and divert water using water-filled tubes. Initially designed to serve pipeline crossings, AquaDams have evolved to solve many water control challenges, including coffer dams and flood control. AquaDams are now used in residential, municipal, and a variety of other industrial use cases.

Installation is quick and efficient and requires a few portable pumps, an on-site water supply, and two installers (depending on dam size). The flexibility of AquaDam® allows it to conform to most surfaces, creating an excellent seal with minimal seepage. This flexibility makes it an ideal solution for a wide range of water diversion and flood control applications.


AquaDam® allows you to quickly intervene when sudden flooding threatens your home and property, creating an impenetrable barrier to help protect you against flood damage for as long as you need it.


Ensure that critical infrastructure remains in operation during flood events by diverting flood water and keeping roads open for traffic and emergency help.


AquaDam® provides reliable, large-scale flood protection for industrial and commercial facilities, helping to ensure your property remains protected during a flood event.

Pipeline Crossings

AquaDam® allows you to construct large-diameter pipeline crossings in streams and rivers with minimal environmental disturbance.

AquaDam® In Action

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AquaDam® In The News

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