AquaDam® Flood Control Rapid Response in Orilla

AquaDam Flood Control/Cofferdam

background information and challenge

Each year lakefront home and cottage owners in Ontario face off with the forces of Mother Nature. Spring flooding and significant rain events are becoming more common, and the construction of homes and cottages in close proximity to water bodies makes these locations vulnerable to variable water levels. Homeowners often are left to fend for themselves without insurance coverage to protect their properties from rising waters at significant risk and expense. Often property owners will use sandbags which in some cases are provided by the municipalities, to create temporary flood control berms, which require significant time, labor and money to construct. Once the high water conditions subside, significant clean-up is necessary to return the sand and bags to the landfill, as this material can be classified as contaminated soil.

The owner faced a similar each year. The picturesque lakefront property on Young Lake in Sebright, Ontario, was often threatened by high water levels during the spring thaw. Each year the owner would enlist the forces of their children and neighbors to construct a flood control barrier using hundreds of sandbags. On average, it takes approximately 4500 sandbags to build a 3′ high x 100′ long sandbag coffer dam. In 2014 the owner was introduced to AquaDam® Rapid Response System, which was displayed at Battlefield Equipment Rentals in Bracebridge, Ontario. They reached out to Layfield to collect more information on the system and assessed the property for feasibility and budget for the supply and installation of an AquaDam® Flood control system. The 2014 water levels receded with no longer a flood concern, and life returned to normal.

During the Spring of 2016, the lake levels once again returned to threatening levels, and the threat of flooding was once again present. The owner dreaded the idea of once again having to construct another sandbag coffer dam to protect their home, not to mention the significant labor, cost and time off work required to build the temporary dam. They decided this time around to contact their local AquaDam® Application Specialist and inquired about the availability of flood control dams to protect their home.

March 31, 2016 Timeline of Events

  • 10:45 am Owner contacted Layfield and inquired about AquaDam® Flood Control System.  A preliminary discussion about feasibility, urgency and site condition took place with Darlene and Layfield AquaDam® Application Specialist.  An AquaDam®  Assessment form was provided to Darlene
  • 12:00 pm The AquaDam® Assessment form was completed and returned to Layfield for review
  • 12:30 pm Layfield AquaDam®  Application Specialist reviewed the application and provided a quotation for supply and installation services for approx. 150′ of 3′ high AquaDam®
  • 1:30 pm The client placed the order with Layfield
  • 2:30 pm Layfield installation crews mobilized to a site which was approx. 90min north of Toronto with necessary fuel,  3′ Gas Powered Pumps and AquaDam® Flood Control Dams required to protect the home
  • 4:00 pm Layfield Rapid Response crews arrived on site and began deployment
  • 6:30 pm Flood Control AquaDam® was installed on site to protect the home.
  • Midnight April 1, 2016– A significant Thunderstorm and rainfall event passed through the Orillia area during the evening.  There was  8″ of water up against the AquaDam® the next day that would otherwise have flooded the owner’s basement.

Solution and results

Layfield AquaDam® Rapid Response crews treat emergency flood situations with priority.  In this case, within 4 hours of the client contacting Layfield and completing the AquaDam® application assessment form, the system was delivered to the site and deployed to defend the home from rising water levels.  We encourage flood risk property owners to assess their sites for the feasibility of AquaDam® to help protect their property.  The AquaDam® is a site-specific flood control tool designed to be installed by the owner in advance of approaching high water.  Having an action response plan in place with an AquaDam® on site will increase your chances of successfully defending against the effects of flooding.  If you live in a vulnerable area which may be subject to flooding, we highly recommend contacting Layfield and completing the AquaDam® assessment form to assess the site suitability for an AquaDam® Flood Control System.


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