Solid Waste Management

Protect Your Communities

Your solid waste management projects have the high stakes of community safety and environmental protection. When failure is not an option, you need an established supplier with proven products and methods to rely on.

Properly managing waste and its harmful bi-products is essential for building and maintaining sustainable and livable communities. A typical landfill usually has a liner consisting of multiple layers of geomembrane and drainage materials, a landfill cap, and often erosion control materials to stabilize the cap when complete.

Layfield provides complete solutions from product to installation to maintenance services in any application. We know what’s at stake. You can trust us to provide fully-integrated and secure solutions.

Solid Waste Management Applications

Landfill Lining and Capping

Eliminate the infiltration of precipitation or surface water into the waste.

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Leachate Containment

Protect the environment from the harmful release of leachate into ground soil and local waterways.

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