Leachate Containment

Protect the Environment from Harmful Leachate

Landfills are one of the most common uses for geosynthetics. These geosynthetics keep waste dry to prevent the formation of leachate, which, if released, poses significant risks to the environment.

One of the significant challenges for your landfill design is managing these aggressive leachates once formed. We specialize in manufacturing geomembranes designed to withstand these hazardous chemicals under elevated temperatures, helping you reduce and control the effects of leachate.


Benefits of Landfill Lining and Capping

Prevents Groundwater Contamination

Small amounts of leachate can pollute groundwater, leaving it unfit for domestic water use. Layfield solutions help reduce and contain this leachate to manage its impact.

Control the Spread of Disease

Leachate can contain virus and disease-causing bacteria that can quickly spread to nearby water sources. Proper containment is critical to reducing this risk.

Experienced Compliance Management

Layfield’s containment experts help ensure that your facilities and solutions comply with all relevant regulations for health and environmental safety.

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