Build Resilient Soil Structures while Minimizing Your Carbon Footprint

Geosynthetics in soil reinforcement applications allow the designer a great deal of versatility when building resilient and cost-effective soil structures. Often geosynthetic reinforcement will allow the use of existing soils on site, significantly reducing excavation and haulage costs and reducing carbon emissions.

Soil reinforcement geosynthetic technology has been greatly advanced using leading-edge materials and design methods. This technology is used to help build incredible structures from small parking lots to retaining walls to airport runways and beyond.

Soil Reinforcement In Action

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Tank Foundation Reinforcement using Mirafi®
Childcare Facility Built Above Stormwater System
Transformer Pad Relocation-Tunnel Replacement
Infeed Deck Base Stabilization with GEOWEB®

Soil Reinforcement In The News

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