Forensic Psychiatric Hospital Flood Control

AquaDam Flood Control/Cofferdam

Project Overview

The Colony Farm Forensic Psychiatric Hospital (CFFPH) faced the threat of rapidly approaching flood waters with no more than 48 hours to prepare. The CFFPH prison had a medical center housed in a building with low elevation requiring protection. Not only did they need a solution that could be deployed quickly, but the solution also had to accommodate various elevations.

The short timeline meant that a conventional flood control system, such as sandbags, would be unable to be filled and placed effectively in time for the projected flood water. A total of 50,000 sandbags would’ve been required to protect buildings. Given the site’s undulating conditions, it was essential to protect up to the projected max flood water elevation.


Layfield recommended a solution that combined a 6′ and 3′ high AquaDam® to deal with the elevation changes. Our rapid response system installs ten times faster than a standard sandbag berm, saving you time, money, and manpower. The AquaDam® solution was also highly efficient to deploy, and the forensic psychiatric hospital was fully protected in about 20 hours of work. The Coquitlam Fire and Rescue Department was also onsite to learn more about AquaDam® and how it can be used in rapid-response situations.


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