Introducing Gina Pannoni.

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Introducing Gina Pannoni, your dedicated Account Manager at Layfield Geosynthetics. With years of hands-on experience in construction and a deep understanding of geosynthetics, Gina is your trusted advisor for all your project needs. Her passion for excellence drives her to deliver personalized solutions that ensure your projects excel. Reach out to Gina today for unparalleled support and let her expertise elevate your success in construction and geosynthetics.

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All that Layfield has to offer:


Layfield is the leading manufacturer of purpose-built geomembranes in North America. Manufactured with special prime-grade resins blended with advanced additives, our geomembranes provide superior physical, mechanical, and endurance properties explicitly designed for your containment’s unique requirements.

Offering Custom Fabrication

Factory fabrication reduces or eliminates the need for field welding of a geomembrane liner. This has many benefits, including quality and speed of installation. Strategically located fabrication facilities and over four decades of expertise make Layfield a popular industry choice.

On-Site Design Assistance

Our expert team visits your project locations to offer tailored guidance in selecting, placing, and installing geosynthetic materials. Benefit from personalized insights to ensure optimal performance and cost-effectiveness for your projects. Let us support you every step of the way for a seamless and successful implementation.

Commonly Used Products:

Turbidity Barriers & Floating Silt Curtains

Our sediment control barriers are designed to prevent the spread of silt and sediment from construction sites into downstream or connecting waterways. Floating Silt and Turbidity Barriers are trusted by leaders in the construction industry to consistently reduce their environmental impact by keeping the material in a contained area until it can settle out of suspension and be removed. With the help of these barriers, you can stop silt and sediment from polluting watercourses while performing construction.

Brentwood StormTank Modules

You can restrict the discharge rate of your stormwater runoff and reduce backfill with StormTank® Module systems. StormTank® Module systems achieve these restrictions by providing large-volume storage and incorporating an impermeable liner to prevent infiltration.

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