Turbidity Barriers

Prevent The Spread Of Silt And Sediment In Water Bodies

Turbidity barriers are sediment control barriers designed to prevent the spread of silt and sediment from construction sites into downstream or connecting waterways. It does so by keeping the material in a contained area until it can settle out of suspension and be removed.

Constructed from impermeable materials, Layfield turbidity barriers are suspended within a body of water, supported by a floatation material within the top edge, and held vertically by a ballast within the bottom edge. These barriers are used in different applications to keep work areas completely contained. Let us help you protect waterbodies from the impact of silt and sediment.

Why Choose A Layfield Turbidity Barrier?

Efficient Design

Significantly prevents sediment, stirred up during construction, from migrating out of a work area and into the rest of the water body.

Can Accommodate Current Flows

Layfield supplies three types of floating turbidity curtains that meet the USACE specification and various current flows.

Reliable solution

Turbidity barriers are wrapped with UV-stable, high-strength RPE materials for durability.

Additional Features

  • Prevent sediment escape during shoreline construction
  • Efficient sediment control during dredging operations
  • Can connect sections to build almost any length

Product Details

Turbidity barriers effectively deflect and contain sediment within a limited area and provide sufficient retention time for the sediment particles to settle out.


Specification Sheet,

Turbidity Barriers Technical Specifications

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Temporary Floating Barrier-IP Park


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