Brentwood StormTank®

Regulate The Flow Of Stormwater

You can restrict the discharge rate of your stormwater runoff and reduce backfill with StormTank® Module systems. StormTank® Module systems achieve these restrictions by providing large-volume storage and incorporating an impermeable liner to prevent infiltration.

Layfield’s line of subsurface stormwater storage units can be flexibly designed to meet your specific site requirements and achieve compliance with strict runoff regulations. Without sacrificing storage capacity, StormTank® Modules allow a project to use fewer total units. Their quick assembly reduces installation costs and makes StormTank® an ideal solution for stormwater management.

Why Use A StormTank® For Stormwater Wanagement?

Cost Savings

On average, a StormTank® Module can reduce the stone backfill by 40-60%. Depending on the region, this can translate to substantial cost savings.

Ease of Installation

Modules are easy to place and connect. You can assemble modules in less than two minutes and our Module 20 series in under 90 seconds.

Higher Void Space

Box systems with less height can accomplish the same capacity as a deeper arch, meaning you can reduce your excavation depth and place your units over the water table.

Additional Features

  • Fully-factored HS-20 or HS-25 load rating
  • Extensively tested in a full-scaled installation setting
  • Can be utilized under most surface covers, including impervious and vegetated areas
  • Modules can be built on-site in less than 2 minutes, with no extra equipment required
  • Easy inspection and cleaning
Brentwood StormTank®

Brentwood StormTank® Module 20 Series

The new StormTank® Module 20 Series is a subsurface stormwater storage unit rated for use under standard load applications, such as parking lots and athletic fields.

Brentwood StormTank® Module 25 Series

The StormTank® Module 25 Series is a subsurface stormwater storage unit, load-rated for extreme applications, like heavy trucks or under fire access roads.

Product Details

StormTank® Module systems restrict the discharge rate of stormwater runoff by providing large-volume storage and incorporating an impermeable liner to prevent infiltration.


Specification Sheet,

Brentwood StormTank Module 20 Series Technical Specification

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Specification Sheet,

Brentwood StormTank Module 25 Series Technical Specification

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Case Studies

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Fri 12
Low Impact Development

Low impact Development Strategies using Geosynthetic Materials

Low Impact Development (LID) strategies have transitioned from suggestions to requirements in recent years, presenting new design challenges for engineers. This technical presentation will discuss common design elements for LID applications and how innovative products can be incorporated to increase effectiveness, reduce maintenance requirements and increase system life expectancy. Presented by Daniel Lotufo and Amy Woods, Layfield Geosynthetics. 

Thu 16
Low Impact Development

Design Fundamentals for Underground Stormwater Storage Systems

Join Amy Woods, Technical Product Manager – Stormwater, in a review of design considerations required to successfully specify and install plastic underground stormwater systems with a focus on commonly overlooked items such as buoyancy, maintenance, and strength testing.

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