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Steel Water Storage Tanks -  

The California agricultural industry  uses water storage steel tanks to hold rain water and  water for irrigation, cleaning equipment, flushing cow barns, fire suppression and many other applications. They can also be used to supply drinking water to animals. California’s food processors use steel tanks to store water for washing, rinsing, cleaning and many other processes. Layfield tanks are fabricated with Westeel heavy gauge, ultra-flat corrugated steel and they are easy to pack up, move and reassemble.  Our Layfield tanks are circular in footprint. This configuration is favored because the outward stresses generated by the stored liquid are efficiently and uniformly transferred to the walls as “hoop tension.” Square, rectangular, and odd-shaped systems are also available and can maximize usable storage footprint.

Our steel tanks are lined with Enviro Liner geomembranes. Our Enviro Liner one-piece tank liners are designed and custom fabricated for quick installation with little to no seaming required on site and they are available in multiple sizes to fit into any tank size. Adding a prefabricated geomembrane liner to steel tanks creates a cost effective water containment system.  Our tank liners are certified leak free upon delivery and they are resistant to degradation under exposure to UV light.

Contact our San Diego office or send us an email to sandiego@layfieldgroup.com to see how our econonomical water storage tanks can save you money.

Layfield Water Storage TankLayfield USA Water Storage Tank

Aqua Dam® Water Storage Tubes -

They are filled with water and can be used for site irrigation, livestock watering and emergency water supplies. Aqua Dam® tubes are lightweight and easy to handle, and can be used in virtually any location. The inner tube of an Aqua Dam is rated for contact with drinking water when new. You can use a new Aqua Dam for storage of drinking water without issue. Aqua Dams that have been previously used need to be cleaned and disinfected before drinking water use. Most often an Aqua Dam will be used to store water for emergency drinking supplies but can also be used to store water for emergency firefighting, irrigation, or livestock watering use. 

Contact our San Diego office or send us an email to sandiego@layfieldgroup.com to see how our econonomical AquaDam Water Storage Tubes can save you money.

AquaDam Water Storage in Orchard

"We were offered Geogrids made overseas from a small distributor, but we declined as their testing were suspect and they had no reputation in the market. We will only work with reputable suppliers like Layfield as their Geogrids perform as per recognized specifications." Kenny, Engineering & Scientific Consultant,

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Layfield Environmental Containment is a vertically integrated company involved in the manufacturing, fabrication, installation, and maintenance of high performance geomembranes, floating covers, and specialty geosynthetics. We work with end users, consulting engineers and contractors to deliver products and services that protect the environment. Layfield Environmental Containment has strategic locations across North America and internationally.

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April 12, 2018

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Layfield Environmental Containment is pleased to announce the employment of Daniel Lotufo as Engineering Business Manager based out of San Diego, California.


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