Further to the Shelter in Place measures issued to protect the health and safety of all Canadians and Americans from COVID-19, all Layfield locations will remain open as a listed essential workplace. We hope you are safe and doing well, and will continue to keep you updated with relevant information during this challenging time. If you have any questions, please be sure to call our customer service line at 1.800.840.2884.

Secondary Containment

Layfield has a lot of experience in secondary containment with petroleum and oil field applications, as well as with a multitude of chemicals. Our secondary containment materials cover a broad range of applications, from petroleum fuels to heated heavy oil tanks.

Our flagship secondary containment material is HAZGARD 635FR. which is a fire retardant material that meets the fire code. We also feature our Enviro Liner brand of liner materials, which is commonly used for oil field applications. Beyond that, we have a complete line of materials for the containment of many types of fuels and chemicals and the installation and maintenance services you need for your next project.

Layfield Geosynthetics provides engineering, design, construction (installation), and maintenance services of many types of geosynthetics products with a focus on geomembrane liners and floating covers. We have one of the largest, most experienced installation crews in North America.