Chemical Secondary Containment

Layfield has been providing containment geomembranes for chemicals for many years. We have the experience and the materials required to work on the most challenging chemical containment projects. We can assist you in determining the best geomembrane material for your application using our innovative field chemical test kit. This kit allows us to test multiple geomembranes at your location without having to ship chemicals to testing labs. 

Layfield has a complete line of geomembranes available for installation in chemical facilities and has access to many other geomembrane materials that are not listed in our product offerings. This variety allows us to find the optimum material for any chemical containment. We also can help you with the design of your containment offering our experience to help deal with difficult chemicals or tank farms containing mixed chemicals.

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About Environmental Containment

Layfield Environmental Containment is a vertically integrated company involved in the manufacturing, fabrication, installation, and maintenance of high performance geomembranes, floating covers, and specialty geosynthetics. We work with end users, consulting engineers and contractors to deliver products and services that protect the environment. Layfield Environmental Containment has strategic locations across North America and internationally.

Latest News

Advanced Test Reactor (ATR) Complex Warm Waste Pond Liner Replacement

October 24, 2016

LOCATION:  Idaho National Laboratory, Idaho

TIMEFRAME: Phase One Summer 2016 with Phase Two in the Spring Of 2017

SCOPE OF WORK: Warm waste pond liner replacement. Construction of Sand Bag Berm, Double 45 Mil CSPE Liners, Nonwoven Geotextile & Geocomposite Layers Including Appurtenances, Radiation II Training

PROJECT PARTNERS: Owner: US Government – Battelle Energy Alliance, LCC (BEA) General Contractor: C&H Construction Company INC. Engineer: JUB & Walsh Installation and Materials Supplier: Layfield USA


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