HeatGard HDPE

HeatGardTM HDPE geomembranes are the next generation in high temperature resistant geomembrane materials.


    • Long life at high temperatures
    • Excellent chemical resistance
    • Over a year of exposure testing
    • Hot liquid resistance (brine)
    • Potable hot water resistance


    • Hot brine containment
    • Secondary liner under heated tanks
    • Leachate recirculation landfills
    • Hot potable water containment
    • Mining heap leach and ponds
    HeatGard HDPE Specifications

Product Description

HeatGardTM HDPE geomembranes utilize a new type of polyethylene that is uniquely resistant to higher temperatures.  The new HeatGardTM HDPE has been tested to be able to withstand continuous use at 85 C for over 20 years. Typical HDPE geomembrane materials are not normally suitable for extended periods above 60C. HeatGardTM HDPE has excellent chemical resistance, is fully stabilized against UV light exposure, and has excellent stress cracking resistance. HeatGardTM HDPE has been subjected to over a year of exposure testing to confirm its high temperature properties. HeatGardTM HDPE is available in wide rolls of smooth sheeting for field installation. 

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