Aqua Dam - Southern Champion Construction


TIMEFRAME: June 2010

SCOPE OF WORK: Dewatering area to build a Pump station by the Lake. Aqua Dam 8' high x 300' long in 1 piece, U shape configuration. $42,000 US.

PROJECT PARTNERS: Southern Champion Construction of Savannah GA – Facility Owner Layfield - Installation and Supply

Background Information and Challenge

They needed to hold back up to 6’ of water to work by the lakeside. Due to the Environmental requirements of the area, they needed a product that could minimize damage to the Ecosystem. Challenge was the lead time they needed this dam on site due to plant being really busy at this time. No experience from contractor to install this dam.

Solution and Results

Aqua Dam was able to fabricate on time, we got good rate & timing for freight and product showed up on time.

After reviewing the Installation instructions provided and a few questions from Southern Champion, they were able to deploy & maintain Aqua Dam for the duration of the project.

Result: happy customer that was able to save several thousand US in this project by using this dam. Minimal maintenance required during the whole project. They were able to re use this AD in another project. Now they propose this method of dewatering in every project they bid.