AquaDam® is a unique product for constructing projects in streams and channels using water to control water.


    • An effective temporary cofferdam
    • Divert water by creating an aqua barrier
    • Filled from an available local water source
    • Design prevents rolling
    • Join together to form structures of any length
    • Deploy quickly with minimal people


    • Pipeline crossings of streams and channels
    • Sediment control in a lake or river
    • Cofferdams create dry working environments
    • Can be deployed in moving water
    • Temporary water storage
    • Flood control (see flood control product)
    AquaDam® Specifications

Product Description

AquaDam® is a water-filled portable dam or aqua barrier, that can be positioned to contain or divert the flow of water. AquaDam® is lightweight and easy to handle and can be used in virtually any location. On-site requirements are just a portable pump and the usually abundant local water supply. AquaDam® is environmentally safe and specifically designed to provide rapid deployment for flood control or water diversion situations. The result is a flexible and stable water-filled barrier that can act as an aqua barrier to contain, divert, and control the flow of water. The unique combination of properties makes AquaDam® ideal for a wide variety of applications. Some of the more common uses include: Stream crossings during pipeline installation, rapidly deployed flood water control, water containment during repairs to bridges, used as an aqua barrier to prevent erosion control through diversion or containment. Layfield provides installation services for AquaDams and can help you assess which AquaDam® will be right for your project.

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