Our Corporate Background

Layfield: the Beginning
Layfield Plastics began in Edmonton, Alberta, during the mid 1950s. Owned and operated by Eric Layfield, the company existed for over 20 years as a small, single-location plastics fabrication business, producing acrylic displays, interior signage, name tags, and custom molded products for the automotive industry.
In 1978, Eric Layfield retired and sold his company to the Rose family. Tom Rose, who continues to this day as the company's CEO, saw Layfield as the perfect platform on which to build a much larger plastics processing company. With Tom at the helm, Layfield's next thirty-plus years were a story of rapid expansion, diversification, and strategic acquisitions.

Strategic Acquisitions

1981   Taylor Plastics

1983   Calgary Plastics- provided manufacturing capabilities for poly film products

1997   Geogard Linings- Toronto: allowed Layfield to serve Central and Eastern Canada with geosynthetic and industrial products.

2004   C.W. Neal- enabled Layfield to establish operations in California; helped build global presence in geosynthetic floating cover systems and geomembrane containment products.

2008   Vision Packaging- acquired to expand Layfield's packaging operations.

2008   Aqua Dam and Diversion- Layfield had been making the Aqua Dam product for nearly 20 years before taking over operations of the company in Canada.

Expansion History

In 1985, having already presided over two acquisitions and considerable growth, Tom Rose moved to Vancouver, BC, to establish a branch operation. Three years later, Layfield's Head Office was relocated to Vancouver, and in 1989, Vancouver operations relocated to a newly constructed facility, where the Flexible Films division and Corporate Office are currently located on the same site.

In 1992, Layfield began its expansion into the United States, establishing a branch operation in Seattle, Washington. Two years later, a manufacturing operation was established in Bellingham, Washington. (In 2000, however, the Bellingham plant was closed, and US operations were consolidated in Seattle.)

Also in 1992, the company's Canadian business restructured into three business units: Fabricated Plastics, Industrial and Geotechnical Fabrics, and Polyethylene Film Products. This prefigured Layfield's current structure: Packaging, Construction, and Environmental Systems. In late 1999 the Fabricated Plastics division, no longer seen as a good fit, was sold.

In December 2000, a newly constructed Edmonton plant was commissioned, where Layfield Canada’s Geosynthetics and Industrial Fabrics divisions are headquartered today.

Four years later, Layfield expanded the Richmond Flexible Film plant and installed a state-of-the-art three-layer wide width co-extrusion line to produce packaging and construction films, and to expand its line of geomembrane products.

In 2007, after 10 years of strong growth in central Canada, the Toronto operation completed its expansion into a full-service Geosynthetics and Industrial Fabrics operation with sales, distribution, fabrication, and construction services.

2008 was a busy year with the strategic acquisitions of Vision Packaging based out of Vancouver, BC and Aqua Dam Stream & Diversions in Canada.

In 2013, Layfield opened a new 115,000 ft/2, 12-acre fabrication plant in Edmonton, Alberta to add capacity to fabricate and service geomembrane products to serve the oil and gas industry in Western Canada.

Also in 2013, Layfield expanded its Richmond, British Columbia plant and added a wide width specialized geomembrane extrusion line to produce its proprietary Enviro Liner brand.

A new state of the art, robotic Roll to Roll geosynthetic conversion line was added into the Edmonton, Alberta plant in the summer of 2014.

In 2015, Layfield invested heavily in the Flexible Packaging business unit, installing a state-of-the-art Roto-Gravure press and an additional Blown Film Co-Ex Extrusion Line at the Richmond, British Columbia facility.

As the Flexible Packaging business continued to grow the team, we added a newly built 47,350 ft2 facility on the same site as the Flexible Films plant in Richmond in April 2016.

2018 saw further capital investment put into Box pouch/Standup pouch machines for the Richmond North converting plant. 

In 2019 we installed a new laminator and a large format pet food bag machine.

We relocated our San Diego facility in 2019 to a larger building in Lakeside to facilitate new manufacturing capabilities and much needed storage for both Geosynthetic products and Flexible Films products.

The Edmonton facility installed a GeoNet line in 2020 to expand our product base.

Also in 2020, as the world was hit with the COVID-19 Pandemic, Layfield formed a partnership with Maple Leaf Laboratories, becoming the first ever N95 mask production line on Canada’s west coast.

The Company Today
Today, Layfield operates as a vertically integrated business with manufacturing, fabrication, construction and distribution facilities strategically located across North America. The company is active in multiple sectors including Energy, Mining, Water, Agriculture, Food, Medical, Construction and Industrial. We do business throughout North America and Australia. By investing in our people, innovation & technology, and by focusing on robust and emerging markets, Layfield has grown from a one-store plastics company in Alberta, into a growing, vertically integrated, international corporation. The Layfield Group consists of the Canadian parent, Layfield Group Limited and its wholly owned subsidiaries, Layfield Canada Ltd., Layfield USA Corporation, and Layfield Australia Pty Ltd.

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About Construction Products

Layfield Construction Products supplies geosynthetics and industrial fabrics products. We offer supply-only products for many different industries across North America and internationally. We are leaders in the supply of geosynthetics servicing large customers, moving over 800 truckloads a year. Layfield Construction Products is also one of the largest distributors of geotextiles, moving over 100 million square feet a year. We also specialize in the supply of polyethylene film and industrial fabrics products.

Latest News

Layfield USA was awarded 275 million gallon reservoir liner and floating cover replacement project at El Toro Water District

September 8, 2022

Layfield USA Corp. is pleased to announce the recent award for the supply and installation of a new CSPE geomembrane liner and floating cover system for the El Toro Regional Reservoir for El Toro Water District.   

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