CSPE Floating Covers are the economical solution for potable water protection.

Water reservoirs using CSPE floating covers are often up to 70% more cost-effective for applications of storing and treating large quantities of potable water versus above-ground tanks and underground clearwells. With over 400 successful floating cover projects around the world, CSPE is the leading product used in municipal water containment


About CSPE

HypaFlex™ (Chlorosulfonated Polyethylene - CSPE), formerly known as Hypalon, is a high-performance geomembrane material designed for long-term applications, including floating covers and exposed liners. As a floating cover material, HypaFlex™ provides truly outstanding UV protection and long-term performance. HypaFlex™ floating covers are engineered to eliminate evaporation and protect the water source from contaminants, including dirt and debris. HypaFlex™ has been used extensively for water containment and protection applications for over 50 years and is backed with an industry-leading 30-year weathering warranty. The use of HypaFlex™ floating covers in reservoirs is one of the most economical ways of storing and treating large volumes of water. HypaFlex™ geomembranes and floating covers are used worldwide in containment applications to protect water, including municipal water districts, mining, oil and gas, and agriculture.

When the need arises to expand your water storage capacity, the best economics come from open-top reservoirs with floating covers, compared to clear wells and above-ground tanks.
Kelly Butte Concrete Reservoir
Portland, Oregon
The Kelly Butte Reservoir is a 394’ x 296’ underground reservoir consisting of two cells, with a capacity to store 25 million gallons collectively. Construction was completed in 4 years.
Project Cost: $90 Million
Upper Chiquita Open Top Reservoir
Orange County, California
The Upper Chiquita Reservoir is a large potable water reservoir containing 244 million gallons of domestic water and covering an area of 18 acres. Construction was completed in 1.5 years.
Project Cost: $53 Million
In cost per gallon, the Upper Chiquita reservoir was installed for 6% of the cost of the Kelly Butte reservoir. Looking at this from another way for 58% of the price of the Kelly Butte reservoir the Upper Chiquita reservoir developed 10 times the storage capacity.

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