Keep buildings, equipment & workers safe from the elements.

WeatherPro ™
Enclosure Line

WeatherPRO™ enclosure systems use a number of hardware styles to attach to scaffolding, cable, or other structures for use on construction and weather protection.

WeatherProShrink Wrap

Layfield manufactures a variety of polyethylene sheeting products to meet the needs of construction and agriculture.


WeatherPRO® XTREME is a string reinforced fabric enclosure system using special elasticized shock cords to attach to the structure (scaffold).

WeatherPro™ TES Tension enclosure System

WeatherPRO® TES conforms precisely to the shape of the structure with multiple connection points to uniformly distribute the wind load.

FR Inslulated Blankets

Fire retardant insulated blankets are available for work in refineries and gas plants where fire safety is a concern.

Insulated Curing Blankets

Insulated Tarps are a lightweight and effective method of providing temporary insulation on project sites.

Debris Netting

Debris Netting is a light-weight, fire retardant scaffold wrapping material manufactured from sturdy HDPE fibers. Making it strong and resilient to mechanical damage.

RPE® FR Dispenser Rolls

RPE® FR Dispenser Rolls are available in fire retardant grades for general weather protection and hoarding.

Bioflex Marineshrink

BioFlex™ MarineShrink Boat Wrap is a shrink wrap used extensively for covering, securing, protecting and packaging boats of all sizes. The BioFlex™ material is designed to safely return to the environment where it can be converted into renewable and sustainable energy.

Custom Tarps

Layfield has extensive experience in fabricating custom tarpaulins. We have a number of hem and finishing details available and can manufacture tarpaulins in large quantities. We have a vast line of industrial fabrics that can be used for your tarpaulin requirements.

Snow Removal Tarps

Snow Removal Tarps are designed to lift and remove freshly fallen snow from construction job sites. Allowing contractors to clear job sites quicker and move production forward, saving valuable time.