QuikGrid™ - Biaxial Composite Geogrid (PP)

Biaxial Composite Geogrids are multi-directional geocomposites for reinforcement, combining the benefits of both geogrid and geotextiles.


    • Reinforcement, filtration, separation and drainage
    • Fast and easy to install 
    • Can reduce the thickness of fill materials


    • Base reinforcement
    • Road construction
    • Parking lot stabilization
    QuikGrid™ - Biaxial Composite Geogrid (PP) Specifications

Product Description

QuikGrid™ is traditional polypropylene extruded true biaxial geogrid thermally bonded with a needle punched nonwoven geotextile.  This Biaxial Composite Grid is perfect for reinforcement, road construction and other uses in civil engineering where reinforcement and separation are required.  The composite nature of the QuikGrid™ makes it very easy and fast to install when compared to traditional geogrid separation product cross-sections. This Biaxial Composite Geogrid material is very effective in maintaining the separation of imported granular fill from the fines contained in typical saturated base soils.  

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