Coquitlam Vapor Management System

LOCATION: Coquitlam, BC TIMEFRAME: 2018 PRODUCT: VOC Vapour Barrier PROJECT PARTNERS: Supply and Install: Layfield Client: Developer in Coquitlam, B.C

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Project Summary

A developer in Coquitlam B.C proposed building a high-rise condo in a busy business corridor, approx. 49 story with 400 units with underground parking. Once built this will be the tallest condo tower in Coquitlam. The developer was aware of the potentials of petroleum hydrocarbon (PHC) contaminated soil on the nearby property and was concerned about the VOC migration. They decided to install a VOC barrier on the perimeter of the underground parking wall. Layfield was hired by the contractor to provide design assistance, supply and install of the VOC barrier and drain mat. The design included a dual line system with a drain mat layer encapsulated between the primary and secondary liner.

Features & Benefits

  • Custom vaccum testing on site

  • VOC permeability tested to PHC's in our laboratory in Edmonton

  • Design assistance with installation of the barrier

  • Also tested penetration detail to VOC exposure

  • Prefabricated panels for ease of handling

  • Worked around tight space with limited access on site