Flood Control: Residential Application

LOCATION: Sicamouse, British Columbia, Canada PROJECT PARTNERS: Layfield, Homeowners SCOPE: Aquadam Flood Control Installation

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Project Summary

The town of Sicamous, BC experienced one of the worst storms in 2012 and within hours the meteorological department had registered 15-centimetre of rainfall. About 300 people in the town of 3,100 were ordered to evacuate. The rise in water levels were attributed to both the torrential rain and rapid snowmelt. Vehicles on two bridges on Highway 97A were reported to be swept away due to rapid snow melt in the area. The primary challenge was to quickly deploy the Aquadams to protect the residential properties from the rising flood waters.Proper site assessment was needed as the ground was uneven.. Layfield did the site assessment and came up with a plan, the plan was to send a trailer full of Aquadam tubing and all other ancillary equipment to inflate the Aquadams on site. Sandbags were placed in low lying areas to bring the elevation up, so it was leveled with the existing ground. The results were outstanding, the Aquadams performed as planned and protected neighborhoods from incoming flood waters. Many residents were surprised to see how fast and easy it was to install the dams compared to sandbags. They were also happy to note that there was no significant clean up after the Aquadams were decommissioned, however the leftover sandbags were difficult to deal with as some failed and rest of sandbags that were exposed to flood waters would needed to be disposed in a hazardous landfill as they are considered to be unsafe.