TRCA Stormwater Pond HDPE Shade Balls Installation

LOCATION: Brampton, Ontario TIMEFRAME: 2019 PRODUCT: HDPE Shade Balls, Turbidity Curtain PROJECT PARTNERS: Toronto Region Conservation Authority (TRCA), Layfield Geosynthetics

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A common challenge with municipal stormwater management ponds relates to the effect of solar heating of the receiving watercourse.  Some species of aquatic life are very sensitive to temperature changes, and even a shift in water temperature by a few degrees can impact their health and survival. Shade balls were selected for a stormwater pond by the Toronto Region Conservation Authority. These white balls will reduce solar heating of the pond by reflecting nmost of the light back into the environment, while allowing the pond to “breathe” through the spaces between the balls.  A total of approximately 200,000, 4” white HDPE shade balls were deployed on the surface of storm water pond. In order to keep the balls away from the shore where residents could access the balls, the balls were installed away from the shore and outlet location, which can be accessed from the shore during dry weather. The containment section outline has a floating turbidity curtain anchored to the bottom of the pond.